Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How we met....

5 years ago I had a special long time companion that died.  Fuzz was 22 years old and very special.  That day was sad but the events of that day led me to Cosmo.  He was being fostered with his siblings and mother by a wonderful family.  Little did I know just how special he was going to be to me.  From the beginning he acted as part dog.  His best friend was a dog and enjoyed hanging out at the lake with Daisy.  Cosmo was walking on leash as from the beginning.  He was rather strange looking because his body was normal in size but his legs and tail started to grow.  His tail became longer than his body and he started climbing and jumping everything.   Looking back on his behavior he was very clingy.  Cosmo was also very hyper active and drove his grandparents crazy that first summer.  But he survived the first 5 months without any major mishaps.  Then he started to get into trouble.  Cosmo thought that if he pawed at the door to go out he should be able to have fun and go.  Usually that would be okay, but he would forget to wait and get a leash on first.  Luckily the kids in the complex were good at cat hunting.  I quickly found out that if I allowed him to take daily walks then he would stop running out of the house.  He enjoyed all the kids and started going to school with me on a regular basis.  Cosmo interacted so well with the students and other people he met that I knew pet assisted therapy was his calling.

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