Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Monday, July 2, 2012

 I'm at the NEA RA!!!!!!!
 This is what I look like every night.
 There are so many chairs!  Everyone sitting in those chairs on Monday will be stopping to talk to me and my human.  Oh My!!!!

This is how I handle the Metro!  It is just way too loud!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Square Home Away from Home

Mom went shopping and bought a portable cat house for me.  I hate it!!!!!!  When I am out with my mom I need to be with her not in a house.  But MNEA is complaining that I am coming to meetings.  Even though she has a letter that says I have to be with her.  Mom and I agreed that we won't use it unless we HAVE TO. 

Take care,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today was very long.  My human had to conduct interviews of political candidates.  She made me come with her, because that's my job, but I was in a room all by myself.  I started to whine very loudly a very times because I could tell she was not feeling well.  She finally had to let me out.  Then I bit her foot, just in case she didn't know how low her blood sugars had gotten.  Now I'm at home sitting on her head.  She just won't listen to me telling her to eat some sugar.  I'm here on her head until she starts to feel better. 

I'll write more later.

Maybe I've earned some more canned cat food!!!!!
Sorry for the last 2 postings being in reverse order.  I didn't realize that the airport incident had not been posted.

Altercation at the Airport

I have waited to post this event until now.  Last summer Cosmo and I did a lot of traveling.  On one occasion when we got off the plane a man started taking pictures of us.  He wouldn't stop even when I asked him.  I physically moved Cosmo out of his line of viewing and the man started yelling.  The weird part was that this man sat next to me on the previous flight and he kept to himself.  Well now he is yelling how Cosmo is not a service animal and how we are both phonies.  I was scared because this man was out of control.  No one at the airport helped, not even security.  The elevator doors opened and Cosmo and I got in.  I met up with my mom downstairs and told her to take Cosmo out of the way.  I explained briefly what had happened and told her to take him.  As Dad and I waited for the bags the man came up to me again and started yelling and taking pictures.  Again no one helped me.  I was scared because this man was seriously out of control.  I yelled for security and no one came.  I pulled out my phone and started to dial 911 and the man finally backed away.  As he was yelling it came out that his girlfriend had an asthma attack during the flight, and of course it had to be caused by Cosmo.   It was weird because on the flight up she didn't have an issue.  But I was more upset that I thought something would happen to Cosmo.  He could have easily tried to bolt due to the  screaming.  Because of this incident I have been leaving Cosmo at home more often.  So now I'm jeopardizing my life for the fact that some people are stupid.
This year has been so busy.  My human is doing great with the cancer recovery and she is living life to the fullest.  She was asked to be part of the American Diabetes Association Step Out and Walk committee.  She and I are trying to get some teams formed in the education field.  We are also looking for team members for my team, Cosmic Fingers.  We will be walking in St. Louis on Oct. 13th.

We are also getting ready for the NEA RA which will be held in DC.  This will be our first flight since last summer and the yucky stuff that happened at the airport.  Things will be better this year.  My human will also be printing business cards with the information for people to look up the article from last year and the blog.  It will be better this year!!!!!!

It's nap time!  

Sunday, January 8, 2012