Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Altercation at the Airport

I have waited to post this event until now.  Last summer Cosmo and I did a lot of traveling.  On one occasion when we got off the plane a man started taking pictures of us.  He wouldn't stop even when I asked him.  I physically moved Cosmo out of his line of viewing and the man started yelling.  The weird part was that this man sat next to me on the previous flight and he kept to himself.  Well now he is yelling how Cosmo is not a service animal and how we are both phonies.  I was scared because this man was out of control.  No one at the airport helped, not even security.  The elevator doors opened and Cosmo and I got in.  I met up with my mom downstairs and told her to take Cosmo out of the way.  I explained briefly what had happened and told her to take him.  As Dad and I waited for the bags the man came up to me again and started yelling and taking pictures.  Again no one helped me.  I was scared because this man was seriously out of control.  I yelled for security and no one came.  I pulled out my phone and started to dial 911 and the man finally backed away.  As he was yelling it came out that his girlfriend had an asthma attack during the flight, and of course it had to be caused by Cosmo.   It was weird because on the flight up she didn't have an issue.  But I was more upset that I thought something would happen to Cosmo.  He could have easily tried to bolt due to the  screaming.  Because of this incident I have been leaving Cosmo at home more often.  So now I'm jeopardizing my life for the fact that some people are stupid.

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  1. Hi!
    How are you?
    I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to read that "Cosmo" was Debuted during the Conference you attended and was so well received!!!:):) Also please don't get discouraged because of one bad experience due to "Ignorant People!" You should never have to jeopardize your Life because someone else has created un-neccessary assumptions about "Cosmo!"
    The fact that "Cosmo" didn't get up-set during the Man's Screaming and unfair Tirade on you, is a testament to his skills as a "Service Cat!" Therefore should be applauded! GO COSMO!!!!!!:) So I know it was a very, very scary experience and it saddens me that no one stepped up to help you!!!!!:( But that's the very reason why you need to say this isn't going to deter me from living my Life!!!!:):) I encourage you to continue enjoying your life with "Cosmo's" help!:):)
    I can confidently say this because I like yourself also require two "Service Cats!" I am someone who is living with Autism (Plus severe Allergies) and has come back from Kidney and Inflammatory Breast Cancer that created Brain Tumor's! Which I am happy to say were successfully removed!:) However I wouldn't be able to go out in the Public if it wasn't for my "Service Cats" Explorer and TarXena! I won't be safe, because I can't detect when someone is wearing an Allergen in there Hair, on there Body etc. that can make me go into Anaphylactic Shock! Not to mention being an Adult living with Autism! It's very challenging! Thanks to "Explorer and TarXena I am able to live a Normal Life!:):)
    So if you ever just want to Vent or looking for Advice! I'd be more then happy to lend an Ear!:)