Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Working Hard

I'm excited to have a day off of work.  A lot of things happened within the last 24 hours.

I have an opportunity to reach more than 300 people at one time.  The MNEA-R group in the St. Louis area have invited me to send information to all their members.  I am also going to the March meeting to talk to members.  If all their members would donate just $5 that would mean $1500 for the DAD. 

I want to thank the Frank G. and the people in his office for the $100 donation.  I know that an email went out to the local  St. Louis leaders  and I appreciate my MNEA Family.  So many of you have stepped up to show support.

Today I will be shopping for items to finish baskets.  Here is the list of things I need:

crockpot bags
crockpot meals
wine glasses  15 sets
lake toys
plastic wine and beer glasses
board books
cat toys
Easter items
Jelly Belly lg. bag
M & M lg. bag
picnic items
really good chocolate
2 rolls of 50/50 tickets
4 rolls of double tickets
celtic cd's
glasses- wine/beer/water coffee
curling ribbon- blue/white
cellophane wrap rolls
white twist ties
canned pumpkin
wheat flour
peanut butter
wire for baskets

I'm also heading to Kirkwood to see about donations from a bakery.  I need sugar cookies for kids to decorate and eat at the event.  I'm also needing some fancy desserts for the event.  Cross your fingers or otherwise I'll be asking for volunteers.

Does anyone have a connection to a printing company or a way to make 310 copies?  I need the fliers for the mailing I mentioned above.  I can supply the paper for the printing.

Thanks for all of the support. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday was a blast.  More donations are coming in for the dinner.  The biggest one is 20 cases of wine by a friend of a friend.  That means the event is no longer BYOB.  We will be selling beer and wine at the event.  Remember we will also have lemonade, tea, and coffee that is included in your meal.

I went to the storage area where all the basket items have been kept.  I was overwhelmed by what I had collected.  Most of the items are ones that I have donated.  I know that some people are donating other baskets for the event.  I'm working on making bid sheets and raffle sheets.  Trying to figure out what else I need to add to a little basket is hard.  I also am trying to find big gift baskets at thrift stores. If you have any baskets that you would like to donate let me know.

Dog treat baking has started.  I have friends and friends of friends baking treats.  Our big baking and packaging day is March 5th.  If you are wanting to help out let me know.  If you want to bake at home I can give you all the supplies.  This will be an ongoing project for the next month or two.  I'm going to be buying wheat flower in 50lb bucket later this week.  That is the most expansive item.  I am still wanting to find a scout troop that would like to help.  I have made contact with a few people but have not heard back from them.  With Easter coming the treats will make great gifts.

Cosmo is doing great!!!!!  His back leg is getting stronger every day.  He has enjoyed being out with friends.  These next few days will be bad, I have parent teacher conferences.  He will make me pay for being gone for so long.  :)

Thanks for all of the support.

Don't forget to buy your tickets.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Great Time Today

Cosmo and I went to a fund raising event for a wonderful woman and her family.  This family is part of the bigger MNEA family and they have meant so much to me.  I knew that I was going to be donating money but did not realize I would win gifts and have other people donate gifts to my event.   I came home with 5 gift baskets (even one that I brought),  a cooler of wine and beer, a case of beer, 2 tickets to point fest, 4 hours of dj time.  I am very excited that my donation is going for such a good woman and that I was blessed in return.

Prayers from church answered.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Long Week

I am so happy that Cosmo is back to his pesky self.  I woke up today with a tail swatting my face.

Yesterday on the way home from work I stopped at several businesses to ask for donations.  I picked up 3 more gift cards.  I am spending every waking hour thinking of businesses to ask.  This weekend I will be doing that same thing.  I have been told to think out of the box and I have.  The shooting range down the street donated two passes for shooting each worth $100. 

Today I will be measuring out the dry ingredients for the dog treats we will be selling.  I have several home cooks who are helping. I have been in contact with a troop leader but I am waiting to hear back.  So if you are willing to help bake dog treats at your own home please let me know.

So long for now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Calling all Bakers or Scouts

I am looking for either some bakers to help bake dog treats at my school after school or a Scout troop looking for a service project.  I have some very simple recipes for making the treats.  Please let me know if you are able to help.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A day of donations

Yesterday Cosmo and I went to Main Street in St. Charles to talk to small business owners. Julia and her daughter also came with us.  It was a successful day.  Three stores immediately donated.  Many owners were not there and information will be passed on.  Thank you shout out to Julia's husband for making emergency copies of some information.

The spa that I go to get my mani/pedi want to support my efforts. 

Sparadise Nails

 They donated a gift card but offered me something better.  For everyone new customer that mentions the pasta dinner they will donated $5.  They are located in Ellisville/Ballwin on Manchester Road.  My personal favorite person is Jessica.  I have followed her from different locations for the last 3 years.  Please think about going there for at least one time.  I am thinking of trying to get a group together and go on a Saturday.  

Today I will be delivering the TV to Elvi.  So Cosmo and I are off to meet her at church. Then we are going with Lisa to the pet parade downtown.  I still have to make a sign advertising the dinner.  

I will be posting pictures later.

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Best Friend Is Back

This week has been a real turning point for Cosmo.

 He is sleeping in bed without needing a lift up.
Cosmo is back to jumping up to the bathroom sink to get a drink.
He is curling up on my lap to watch TV.
Cosmo is back to eating his reg. amount of food.

So this weekend he will get to learn how to do steps.  I will move the baby gate down to the landing so that he can access the liter box.  I'm sure there is not going to be a problem but it's a long way down to the basement if he trips or can't make it up all the stairs. 

Sunday is the pet parade and we are going.  His stroller will get decorated with information about the pasta dinner and I will have flyer's and business cards to pass out.  Who knows, maybe a wealthy person will donate the rest of the money for the DAD.  I would love to have more people come out and walk with us.  So if you want to come out give me a shout and we can figure out the plans.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Help us make some baskets

As you know we are having a fundraiser on March 27.   We need help getting donations and working the event.  If you have any items that could donated to put in a basket or if you want to put a basket together please let me know.  We are also looking for prizes to put in balloons that people can buy.  Items like gift card, gift certificates, coupons for businesses, or other funky items.  Think about re-gifting those items from the holidays.  This is the time to clean out those weird gifts that all the relatives give you.  Or what about the gifts that your child never played with and have outgrown.  Or if you season tickets to sporting events or the arts would you think about donating a pair?  I can provide you with tax deduction letters.  There is no item too small.

Thanks for all of your support.

Cosmo has decided that jumping down from counters, couches, or window seats is okay.  But he still doesn't jump up by himself. The highest he can get is the couch and sometimes the bed.  He is doing well with the walking but he is under foot so much that he looses his balance.  He is doing better at being able to turn quickly.  He is adapting well to his new life.

Cosmo is "mouth breathing".  It's my way of explaining when he comes up to me and smells my breath.  The alerts are just not there.  I'm glad that he is taking care of himself and is healing but I miss his special ability.

Final Total

The final total from the TV raffle is...


I am so overwhelmed by the kindness and support from so many people.  Thank you all for support you have demonstrated. 

Now I'm focused on the next adventure...

the Pasta Dinner!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Things are back to normal

Last night I came home to a little face greeting me at the door.  I was excited that things were back to normal.  Cosmo then wanted to get a drink from the bathroom facet. 

I have such awesome people helping me.  But I need help from many more people.  If you own your own home business and have items that could be put together for a raffle basket or attendance prizes please let me know.  We are also looking for Facebook pages that we can link from our site to yours.  The group has decided that supporting local businesses is the best way to find help. 

We will be posting an Avon campaign that is also going on right now.  Looking for the information on the new Facebook page.

Thanks for all of the help.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The First Normal Weekend

Cosmo went out working with me for the first time in several weeks.  He did great.  His MNEA family seemed glad to see him and how well he was adjusting.  He loves attention and all the scratching.

Then he was the hit at the dinner fund raising planning meeting. I have many wonderful people who are going to help make the pasta dinner a hit.  I will be spending all my free time trying to get support from local businesses.  If you own a your own company and can donate an item or gift certificate to the cause please let me know.  Or if you have an item you can donate to add to a basket give me a call. 

Today Cosmo went to meet with the Avon representative who will be holding a fund raising event.  I will be posting the two campaigns that are currently open.  You have to order from me and I submit the order.  All the proceeds from the campaigns go towards getting the DAD.  Be watching for more details to come.  The campaign will continue until the end of April. 

It amazes me how compassionate people are towards me and medical needs.  I have always been open about being a diabetic and now I open up to everyone.  Today at Lucky's Cosmo drew attention from many people.  He allowed me to tell his story as well as pass on information about  DAD's.   Who knows, maybe we will meet someone who can help.

There is now a Facebook page that will keep people up to date on the fundraising.  The community is called:  A Lifetime of Freedom. 

Monday is the big day for the TV drawing.  I am hoping to have the winner posted by noon.  I will email all the ticket sellers so that we can find out who sold the winning ticket.  Good luck to everyone who bought a ticket.