Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Help us make some baskets

As you know we are having a fundraiser on March 27.   We need help getting donations and working the event.  If you have any items that could donated to put in a basket or if you want to put a basket together please let me know.  We are also looking for prizes to put in balloons that people can buy.  Items like gift card, gift certificates, coupons for businesses, or other funky items.  Think about re-gifting those items from the holidays.  This is the time to clean out those weird gifts that all the relatives give you.  Or what about the gifts that your child never played with and have outgrown.  Or if you season tickets to sporting events or the arts would you think about donating a pair?  I can provide you with tax deduction letters.  There is no item too small.

Thanks for all of your support.

Cosmo has decided that jumping down from counters, couches, or window seats is okay.  But he still doesn't jump up by himself. The highest he can get is the couch and sometimes the bed.  He is doing well with the walking but he is under foot so much that he looses his balance.  He is doing better at being able to turn quickly.  He is adapting well to his new life.

Cosmo is "mouth breathing".  It's my way of explaining when he comes up to me and smells my breath.  The alerts are just not there.  I'm glad that he is taking care of himself and is healing but I miss his special ability.

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