Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Working Hard

I'm excited to have a day off of work.  A lot of things happened within the last 24 hours.

I have an opportunity to reach more than 300 people at one time.  The MNEA-R group in the St. Louis area have invited me to send information to all their members.  I am also going to the March meeting to talk to members.  If all their members would donate just $5 that would mean $1500 for the DAD. 

I want to thank the Frank G. and the people in his office for the $100 donation.  I know that an email went out to the local  St. Louis leaders  and I appreciate my MNEA Family.  So many of you have stepped up to show support.

Today I will be shopping for items to finish baskets.  Here is the list of things I need:

crockpot bags
crockpot meals
wine glasses  15 sets
lake toys
plastic wine and beer glasses
board books
cat toys
Easter items
Jelly Belly lg. bag
M & M lg. bag
picnic items
really good chocolate
2 rolls of 50/50 tickets
4 rolls of double tickets
celtic cd's
glasses- wine/beer/water coffee
curling ribbon- blue/white
cellophane wrap rolls
white twist ties
canned pumpkin
wheat flour
peanut butter
wire for baskets

I'm also heading to Kirkwood to see about donations from a bakery.  I need sugar cookies for kids to decorate and eat at the event.  I'm also needing some fancy desserts for the event.  Cross your fingers or otherwise I'll be asking for volunteers.

Does anyone have a connection to a printing company or a way to make 310 copies?  I need the fliers for the mailing I mentioned above.  I can supply the paper for the printing.

Thanks for all of the support. 

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