Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yesterday a very kind person donated items for the baskets.  Thank you Kathy!
I went to a great new salon in Chic in O'Fallon.  I have a new fresh color and hair cut.  The shop is wonderful and the service was great.  Thank you Carol for introducing me to your daughter in-law.  
But of course I had to spend time promoting the event.  I found out that car dealerships have funds set aside to support events. Also Best Buy will send employees to events. If you or someone you know works at a dealer or at a BB store please let me know.  

SDWR is filing for a KOHLS grant to help me.  Please check out the donation page. Many companies will match employee's donations. 

I will have tax letters at the event so that your donations can be deductible.  If you want to write a check to SDWR that night I will submit the checks for tax donations.  

I am still needing the following the items.
large sturdy baskets
crockpot bags
crockpot meals
lake toys
plastic wine and beer glasses for use around the pool
board books
cat toys
Jelly Belly lg. bag
M & M lg. bag
picnic items
canned pumpkin
wheat flour
peanut butter

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