Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Eventful Day

Yesterday was spent selling tickets to my MNEA Family and checking out the event hall.  I had a long list of things to buy for the party and I have to admit it was fun shopping today.  I also made many batches of dog treats.  They are easy to make but take 40 mins. to bake.  This is when I wish had a convention oven.  But the house smells good and the bags are weighed and tagged. 

Wednesday will be a long day.  In the morning I will be going over the dinner details with wonderful cook and then wrapping baskets.  Several good women are coming to the Graham Headquarters to help finish baskets and I'm sure it will be a good time.  If you are available to help out for a few hours let me know.  I have to finish typing up the descriptions of the baskets and silent auction items.  We have great prizes and gifts for everyone.  The generosity of businesses and people have been overwhelming. 

I'm also working on making two baskets for the MNEA RA in April.  I will also have an AVON fundraising event going on in April.  I will be posting the new fliers after the dinner event.  It will be easy to buy product and I will make sure the delivery is fast and simple no matter where you live in Missouri.  I love a good road trip north and south.  If I get the funds there may also be a Ipad mini to raffle off at the RA.  I will asking my friends to help man a table (off of the RA floor) to sell tickets during breaks.  So be prepared to say yes to me when I ask for your selling help.  LOL

My goal is to contact SDWR by the end of May with the all of the money.  If you are thinking about donating or paying with a credit card please see if your company has a matching donation program.  This will double your generous donation and help even more. 

Cosmo is doing great and is loving the warm weather.  Every time I open the door he attempts to run out of the house. When he starts running you don't notice the new gate.  He is a fast little guy. 

I am in need of help setting up and cleaning up at the event.  If you can come around 3:30  or stay after to help put tables away it would be great.  

- setting up tables and chairs
-unloading and setting up baskets and gifts
-unloading food and setting it up
-setting up the kids activities
-decorating the hall
The goal is to have very little clean up except for trash and moving tables and chairs.  Everything will be disposable so that things will go quickly.

I know a rambled tonight and I'm sorry but I can't sleep and my brain is jumbled. 

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