Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Reunited the First Time

When I first saw the little guy yesterday he was standing sideways so I didn't his right side.  Then I got a full view of him.  I was more impressed that he was up walking around the exam room. Dr. Williams came in we discussed his progress. 

Seeing Cosmo shaved allowed full view. If you have never experienced a shave cat it is not a pretty sight.  The line of stitches went all the back to his penis.  Dr. Williams informed that currently his penis is pointed sideways but Cosmo is swollen and once that goes down it should shift back down. 

Cosmo came only close enough to me for me to scratch his head but then turned and walked over to Jerry and arched Cosmo arched his back to let the doctor scratch his head for a much longer time.  Since Cosmo was not happy in his cage they put a cover over his door and then he settled down.  Which is normal for him.  He does not like to sleep in light but will seek out the darkest place to go fully into a deep sleep.

I will pick him up tonight after school and bring him home.  I do have to pick up the recycled paper kind of litter for him.  He is able to get in and out of a dishpan (the vet's little pan),  So he is able to go over about a 5 inch side.  This is great! 

Again I am thankful for all of the support by Cosmo's friends and mine.  As we spend this first weekend together I will keep you up to date.

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