Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Outside World

Last night Cosmo went to visit the neighbor.  I put him down on the ground and rolled around on the ground like a very happy kitty.  He walked (hopped) around for a little bit and then went inside.  He was walking around the house and acted like his typical nosey little guy.  It was good to see him acting like himself.

Yesterday one of my cousins donated $100.  I was overwhelmed.  Thank you Connie for your help.  My parents donated the money they received from an insurance claim so there is another $300.  This money will be used for the pasta dinner on March 27th.  I am waiting to receive the ticket envelopes from the TV Raffle.  All of that money will be processed through SDWR. 

Saturday a great group of people will be meeting to plan the Pasta Dinner.  I will be posting contact information of the group if you want to help with the planning or getting donations, or helping out that night.

Thank you for all of your support and sharing my story.  My dad told me that you never know who will see this blog or Facebook page and what could happen.

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