Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Looking for a Venue

Cross your fingers XXXXXXX

Over 8 years ago I joined the Moose Lodge in Bradenton Florida and I am finally in need of some help from their members.  (The membership also allows me to park at the beach for free.)  I am going to the Moose Lodge in St. Charles Tuesday to see if I can rent a space from them for the pasta dinner.   I will also ask about opening up ticket sales to their lodge members in order to have a larger group.  Cosmo will be going with me (if he will cooperate).

I have to admit that he is wanting to go out more with me.  I had not realized until I looked back how often he wasn't willing to go out in public in the past few month.  He is feeling better.

I am playing telephone tag with the Cat Fancy editor.  I left my email address hoping we can figure things out quickly. 

My vet gets back sometime next week,  then I can ask him if he would be willing to be interviewed in the hope to raise awareness about this type of cancer. 

I am waiting to hear from MNEA's legal department about my request for assistance setting up the fund raising bank account.  I need to get this done ASAP. 

I am also trying to get a handful of people to volunteer and help organize the dinner and gather donations.  So if you know of anyone who would be able to donate anything that we could raffle off at the dinner let me know.  Think out to the box....... paint a room, trimming bushes, teeth whitening, oil changes, house cleaning, babysitting... the list is endless.  Remember fellow teachers we are very resourceful,

Well I have a furry friend who is not happy with the computer in my lap so I have to go. 

Thanks to everyone who is currently helping Cosmo and me.

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