Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

More people to help

I received a call today from another stranger offering to help raise the $25,000.  She and her daughter sell AVON and are wanting to help do a fund raiser.  It amazes me how one sweet cat can draw so many people into my life.  Cosmo collects friends everywhere he goes.

I am also amazed at how many people have offered to sell raffle tickets.  I still have two more people to get tickets sent off to and will get them sent today.  If you are not in need of a TV please think about donating directly to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers:  http://sdwr.donordrive.com/campaign/cosmic   This is the direct link to Cosmic fund.  I was given $20 in cash the other day and will be applying it to the fund later today.  Remember that the donations are tax deductible.  

Here are some facts:
SDWR has teamed with researchers at the University of Virginia to measure the effectiveness of Diabetic Alert Dogs. Published through the Diabetes Care Journal, the following study proves the accuracy, clinical and psychosocial outcomes of utilizing an alert dog for diabetes: http://bit.ly/DiabetesResearchSDWR
Scientific research proves that SDWR Diabetic Alert Dogs have a proven ability to:
  1. Carry Detection capabilities 20-45 minutes in advance
  2. Overall decrease A1c’s as much as 1.5 % in the first 4 months of placement for individuals with Hyperglycemic unawareness (for every 1% decrease, there is a 40% decrease in long term side effects in Diabetics)
  3. Alert highs and low accurately at least 91.7% of the time
  4. Provide improved quality of life as well as increase ability to participate in physical activities
In conjunction with years of experience in training and breeding, our study promotes the validity of SDWR’s outstanding service dog program.

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